I forgot to cancel my box - what do I do?

Oh no! 

Our cut-off 11.59pm TUESDAY (Sydney time) for all states is the way we’re able to make HelloFresh responsible and ethical from a food waste and sourcing perspective.

When we started we wanted to find a way to stop ourselves and our customers from wasting food, so we only ever order exactly what we need to send to you for your upcoming recipes.

This means we don’t over order from our suppliers and you don’t get lots of ingredients that end up going bad and being thrown away.

To order the exact amount of produce we need, our suppliers need to have a cut-off point so we can send them our shopping list for the following week. We order quite a lot these days so they need a bit of time to fill the trolley, so we can pack up every box and have it delivered fresh for every customer to start cooking! 

We hope that a friend, neighbour or family member may be able to get some use out of your delivery next week.