Why am I seeing an additional charge on my statement for the Dinner 2 Lunch recipe?

An additional $11.90 charge ($5.95 per person) indicates that you selected one of our Dinner 2 Lunch recipes for your upcoming delivery. This will appear separately on your statement, but we’re confident that you’ll love it!

The Dinner 2 Lunch option lets customers choose to upgrade recipes that include additional ingredients for two deliciously packed lunches! Cook once, eat twice!

Dinner 2 Lunch recipes can be chosen as a one-off when you log into your account and navigate to the 'My Deliveries' tab. You will not be subscribed to receive Dinner 2 Lunch recipes every week.

Please note that discount vouchers will not reduce the cost of Dinner 2 Lunch recipes you select. For example, if you have received a 50% discount off your box, that will only apply to the full cost of the box itself, not the additional charge of the Dinner 2 Lunch recipe.

Enjoy your meals and happy cooking!