Why can I see multiple charges from HelloFresh?

Don’t worry! There’s a simple explanation for this.

Your delivery fee and any meal upgrades, add-ons or sides are charged separately to the charge of your meal kit box. This includes:

  • Fresh & Fast Meals - $2.49 per person
  • Pub Bistro Meals - $2.49 per person
  • Gourmet Meals - $5.99 per person
  • Dinner to Lunch - $11.98 for two people
  • Seasonal Gourmet - $8.95 per person
  • Fruit Boxes: Regular & Small - $24.95 (Regular) - $19.95 (Small)
  • Sides: Salads & Veggies/Roots - $6.95 (Salad) - $5.95 (Veggies/Roots)

If you’ve tried to use a discount voucher or credit for any of these, you will have noticed that they do not apply. Want to see a breakdown of your charges? Head to the  Order History in your online account.