Why can I see multiple charges from HelloFresh?

An additional charge means you may have selected one of our meal upgrades or Add-ons to your delivery this week! Meal upgrades and Add-ons are charged additionally to your meal box each week, please see a breakdown below:

Fresh & Fast Meals - $2.49 per person

‘Fresh & Fast’ recipes incur an additional charge of $2.49 per person. It is available in both our 2 person and 4 person Classic Boxes. 

Gourmet Meals - $5.95 per person

Our Gourmet meals let our Classic Box customers choose to upgrade to recipes that include more premium cuts of protein and exotic ingredients. They are perfect for any night you feel like a restaurant quality meal without any extra effort.

Dinner to Lunch - $11.90 for two people

Our Dinner to Lunch meals means you can cook just once for both your dinner and lunch the next day. Your meal kit will include some extra ingredients and your recipe will have some additional steps to create a twist on your dinner for lunch. 

Special Occasion meals - $8.95 per person

Our Special Occasion meals let our Classic Box customers choose to upgrade to a gourmet two-course recipe that includes dessert, to cater for those special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Snack Boxes: Recharge & Refuel - $7.95 (4 portions) - $15.90 (8 portions)

The HelloFresh Snack Box gives you 4 or 8 snacks packed in your weekly meal box.

Fruit Boxes: Regular & Small - $24.95 (Regular) - $19.95 (Small)

The HelloFresh Fruit Box is bursting with flavour and can be added to your weekly delivery as a one-off. All of the fruit is Australian sourced, with a focus on freshness and seasonality, and comes in a separate box to your HelloFresh meals. You can choose between two sizes: Small (16-18 pieces of fruit) or Regular (22-24 pieces of fruit).

Sides: Salads & Veggies/Roots - $8.95 (Salad) - $5.95 (Veggies/Roots)

Our Sides give you the option to make your week even more delicious. You can select 1 (serves 2 people) or 2 (serves 4 people) of each item.

Please note that discount vouchers or credits do not apply to any of our Add-Ons. 

Delivery Fee 

Your delivery fee will be charged separately to your meal box and will appear separately in your account. 

To see a breakdown of your charges, head to Order History in your online account.

Enjoy your meals and happy cooking!