How long will it take me to cook the Christmas feast?

Cooking your Christmas feast is designed to be easy whether you're the only cook, or you have some of Santa's little helpers to assist you. 

We estimate 3 and a half hours prep time the day before and an extra 3-4 hours on Christmas day with one person cooking. If you've got helpers, the time can be halved!
All our recipes are designed to be easy-to-follow and achievable whether you're cooking solo or with help. Our cooking guide will also help you lay out your day perfectly, so everything arrives on the table without stress. 
If you would like more time to spend with friends and family on Christmas day there are optional parts of each recipe that can be done in advance. This is not required - the menu has been designed so that it will not take up too much of your time should you want to do all of your cooking on the day! All the information on what can be prepped in advance will be available in the welcome booklet you will receive a week before Christmas day.