What am I supposed to do with the packaging?

Cardboard box - Your box, recipe cards, meal kit bags - including the stickers - and any cans you receive with your meals are all recyclable.

Cool Pouch - Our cool pouches provide insulation to keep your dairy and meat safe to eat. We are always looking for more  sustainable solutions to our packaging, which is why from time to time you may find a different type of cool pouch in your box.  

Find out what to do with yours below:

  • White Cool Pouch - These pouches are made from plant based and renewable materials. You can reuse them to keep things cool or place them in your general waste.

Silver Cool Pouch - These are the new pouches you may see in your box from February 2020. They are 100% Australian made and they can be recycled through REDcycle! To find your nearest drop off point, click here

Ice Packs - The ice packs are perfect for reuse in your esky. Otherwise, simply dispose of the water-based gel in your general waste and check with your local council on where you can recycle the outer soft-plastic layer. NB. Do not consume the contents of the ice pack. 

Plastic Wrappers - The plastic wrappers used for your meats, salads and herbs help to keep them fresh and hygienic. These can also be recycled as soft plastics!