What's the best way of storing my herbs?

Leafy herbs and greens are more delicate than other herbs and veggies. This means they may not last the whole week if they are not stored or cared for properly! To get the most out of your herby greens, you need to treat them more like a flower - they should be kept moist, cool but not cold, and given lots of breathing room.

Here’s a quick guide to getting the best out of your herbs.

When you open the herb packet from your box of goodies, take the herbs out and dry off the leaves. Wet leaves lead to quick rotting. If you have a salad spinner, this is an easy task – just give the herbs a quick spin to dry them. Then lay them on paper towels to wick away any excess moisture. If you don't have a salad spinner, lay out a long strip of paper towel and roll the herb bundles until they feel mostly dry. Then let them sit on the unrolled towel for about half an hour.

If you're not ready to munch on them just yet, roll each bundle in its own length of paper towel, twice around. The towel will stall the refrigerator's drying effect, but won't trap moisture against the leaves like plastic. To sneak a few more days out of our herbs, we like to stick the stems in a glass of filtered water, which should be changed every couple days. 

Remember, keep your herbs at the front of the fridge, so you won't forget they're there and so they are not too close to the cooling unit, which will make them wilt!

For more tips on keeping your herbs fresh, check out this advice from our Head Chef Tom.