Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

We currently offer boxes for meat eaters and vegetarians, but we haven't started boxes for specific dietary requirements and allergies just yet. We want to get these core products absolutely right before we start adding new boxes to the range, but it is definitely on our radar!

In the meantime we offer a meal swap option for our Classic Box customers getting 3 or 4 meals per week, our Veggie Box customers getting 3 meals per week and our Family Box customers, meaning if there is a recipe you want to switch out due to dietary requirements you can!

We do have a lot of customers with strict dietary requirements who still use us and substitute certain ingredients from their own cupboard to cater for their particular needs. It's pretty easy to do as we send you all of the ingredients portioned out so that you can easily remove something from the recipe and put in what you need.

If we ever send you a spice mix or a sauce that you're not sure if you can eat, rest easy! We list the exact specifications of all of our allergen sensitive ingredients here. You can also download all the specs for any pre-packaged items at the same link.