Where do you source your produce?

We have long-standing and collaborative relationships with a number of key suppliers who we regard as partners. All of these relationships have been developed locally with a strong bias to Australian, family-owned business.

We plan our menus and purchasing around local availability, and we're proud to say that over 95% of what we ship (by value) is Australian. That’s all our proteins, bakery, dairy and tinned tomatoes, and the vast majority of fruit and veg. In the case that we use non-local ingredients it is because they are absolutely critical to our recipes (cardamom, cumin, and garlic for example) and we would rather achieve flavour through healthy, non-processed and natural ingredients in order to meet the fundamental requirements for delicious recipes.

Some of our most significant and trusted partners for ingredients include Argyle Prestige Meat, Lilydale, Ashgrove Cheese, Meredith Dairy, MOO, Island Curries, Dicky Bill and White Prince.

The vast majority of our fruits and vegetables are grown in Australia and are sourced from local suppliers. We are 100% committed to supporting seasonal production and tailor our recipes according to what’s available and abundant each week.