How can I keep my ingredients fresh?

Our veggies arrive to us incredibly fresh from the markets and our suppliers, and should always stay fresh for the course of the week. Of course, leafy ingredients like baby spinach, coriander, watercress or parsley are more fragile and we suggest you use these sooner rather than later. For tips on how to store your leafy green herbs, check out this advice from our Head Chef Tom.

Our meats have different expiry dates and are fine to consume up until, and including, that day. We use Cryovac technology to package a lot of our meat products, which doesn't use any nasties or chemicals to prolong shelf life. For this reason, fresh air is trapped inside and can occasionally give a confinement odour to the meat once opened. Don't be concerned – the meat is perfectly safe to consume and this odour will dissipate once the meat is left open in the air for 5-10 minutes before using it.

We recommend you eat your chicken and seafood first, and after that pork and red meats like beef and lamb. If you know you will not be home to cook, or only want to prepare a portion of your meal, all of our chicken, red meat and pork are fine to be frozen as they have not been frozen previously!